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About Tula Energy

Tula Group have been helping businesses to save money since 2007, now we want to help save the world too

Tula Group Limited has been a well established provider of business energy and telephony since 2007


Our energy business, Tula Energy Limited, operates from our Bletchley Park offices in Challenge House, Milton Keynes.


We provide a help desk from our call handling centre in High Street, Ware, Hertfordshire; and we have a number of field-based account managers across the UK who are allocated to look after each client for the duration of their contract term.

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Our Mission

Our Values

Our Vision

To help business leaders reduce the financial and environmental cost of the energy they use.

One long term happy client, is better than 10 short term customers.

Cutting energy bills whilst removing over 50,000 tonnes of co2 from the atmosphere each year.

Gas & Electricity Support

Round the clock customer support and telephone helpdesk 

Your contract will be directly with the gas or electricity supplier themselves, which means you will enjoy full access to all the online service, customer support, account management and emergency support that they provide.

If you require any additional advice or support, Tula Energy provide a telephone help desk between the hours of 8am to 7pm Monday to Saturday.

Contract Managment

Your very own designated field-based account manager 

Everyone of our clients (regardless of size) is allocated a designated field-based Account Manager. 

Your Account Manager is in addition to our customer help desk and is contactable by mobile phone and email.


Contract management

Tula Energy will perform and manage the following additional tasks and services:

  • Manage payment terms queries and billing issues.

  • Gather information including consumption, contract end dates and metering related data.

  • Terminate existing contracts.

  • Submit and manage change of tenancy requests.

  • Complete & submit CCL or VAT exemption applications.

  • Manage the connection/installation of new supplies and Meters.

  • Arrange any necessary site visits or appointments.

Dispute resolution


Life is great, but lets be honest, occasionally things can go wrong. In the unfortunate event that you do experience an issue with a past or present energy provider, we will advocate on your behalf until a suitable resolution has been found. ​

Tula Energy can help with the following:

  • Disputes relating to contract end dates or automatic contract renewals.

  • Pricing and consumption queries.

  • Disproportionate estimated readings.

  • Escalating ongoing queries to the Energy Ombudsman. 

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