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Complaints Procedure

When it comes to offering the highest levels of service, our aim is to go above and beyond throughout the duration of your contract. However, if you are experiencing any issues or difficulties your Account Manager should always be your first port of call.

Your Account Manager is there to answer questions, address concerns and resolve any queries that may arise; however, we understand on rare occasions you may still feel dissatisfied with the outcome or service you have received. If this is the case, you can follow our formal complaints procedure outlined below.

Stage 1

Please get in touch at the earliest opportunity and log your complaint by email, telephone or via our website. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the nature of your complaint and the outcome you would like to see.


Telephone:  0330 333 4910

Stage 2

We will send acknowledgement of your complaint along with the name of your resolution handler within 5 business days of receipt.

Stage 3

Once you have received our acknowledgment of your complaint the resolution handler will aim to resolve your complaint within a further 14 calendar days. Within this time, the resolution handler may contact you for further information. Once resolved, you will receive a written response which addresses the complaint. If your complaint cannot be resolved in this time, you will receive a written update with a revised estimated response date.

Stage 4

If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you must notify us within 14 calendar days. If we do not hear from you within 14 calendar days after issuing our final written response, we will assume that you are satisfied with the outcome.

Stage 5

If after 8 weeks Tula Energy are unable to provide a satisfactory resolution, you have access to an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system provided by Ombudsman Services.

On receipt of your complaint Ombudsman Services will liaise with the relevant parties to ensure the right resolution is reached. Examples of how a complaint may be resolved include, a written apology, a good will gesture or financial compensation.


Telephone: 0330 440 1624

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